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Printed Hockey Pucks Information

Why Our Custom Printed Hockey Pucks Are So Durable

  • Ink on printed hockey pucks will wear with use. The NHL changes pucks every 2 minutes in games and the ink lasts only 15-20 minutes.
  • In Men's hockey, after 65-70 minutes of play, our logos had minimal ink wear.
  • We use anti-abrasives and hardeners in our inks to help reduce wear.
  • Multi-color logos tend to wear less than a single color.
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Pricing for Custom Hockey Pucks

Colors *








1 $ 3.07 $ 2.49 $ 2.13 $ 2.06 $ 2.00 $ 1.71 $ 1.58
2 $3.74 $ 3.02 $ 2.59 $ 2.51 $ 2.42 $ 2.07 $ 1.91
3 $ 4.30 $ 3.45 $ 2.96 $ 2.86 $ 2.74 $ 2.36 $ 2.16
4 $ 5.15 $ 3.98 $ 3.37 $ 3.20 $ 3.07 $ 2.59 $ 2.36
5 $ 5.64 $ 4.33 $ 3.64 $ 3.46 $ 3.29 $ 2.78 $ 2.53
6 $ 6.48 $ 4.87 $ 4.04 $ 3.80 $ 3.62 $ 3.04 $ 2.71
7 $ 6.98 $ 5.21 $ 4.30 $ 4.07 $ 3.88 $ 3.22 $ 2.89

Submitting Your Artwork

  • After making your order please to contact us with the design of your printed hockey puck. Email us the artwork, description, and any special requests you may have. We will reply back to you in 24-48 hours with the proof that will be printed on your pucks.

  • Make sure that you have the correct number of colors and the correct quantity. In case of doubt about the number of colors, contact us first and place your order after we have confirmed the correct number of colors.

  • Our program of choice is Illustrator EPS (Adobe Illustrator) ".ai" files. We use PC's and the software programs CorelDraw 12, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Adobe Illustrator 10 as our primary graphics software. We accept most artwork files that can be imported in any of these programs.

  • When you are sending art to be used for printing, we prefer vector art files. These are files that have been created in programs like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand. Bitmap files, e.g.: Photoshop .psd or .tiff files saved at 300 dpi or greater should also produce an acceptable result.

  • If you are an Adobe Illustrator user, please save your files as Illustrator EPS files. Also convert all text to OUTLINES. This can be done simply by selecting the text and choosing the "Create Outlines" selection under the "Type" menu. It is very important that you do this, as we may not have your fonts on any of our computers.

  • We also can use files created in Adobe Photoshop in their native .psd format. Try to keep file sizes under 5 Mg. You can compress your files using a compression program like WinZip or Stuff-It and we'll unzip them on our end.

Explanation of File Types, Colors, and Screens

Here are the types of files that our PC computers can accept:

  • CorelDraw .cdr
  • Adobe Illustrator EPS or .ai
  • Windows Metafile .wmf
  • Adobe .pdf
  • Tiff files

Less desirable formats, that may include an art charge include: .JPG .BMP or .GIF

What are Screens?

  • To be more accurate, a 'Color' is really a screen. For example, if white is found on both sides of the puck, that's two different screens and considered two colors. We tend to use the terminology number of colors instead of number of screens because most customers can better relate to how many colors their job has then how many screens it requires.
  • 2 sided: When quoting 2 sided jobs all you need to do is add total number of colors used (even if you use the same color on both sides it counts as 2 colors). If the logo is 3 colors and they want it on both sides, it's a 6 color total. Refer to the 6 color total on the chart for pricing.
  • When ordering a two sided puck, we will do our best to perfectly align both sides but cannot guarantee this.

Note: Standard Lead Time is three weeks. For an additional fee, orders can be expedited to within a week from order date. We do offer overnight shipping, but please remember that a case of hockey pucks weighs about forty pounds - so overnight shipping is not recommended. Please Email us if you would like to use your UPS account number and we can offer a reduced price for expedited shipping.

Featured Products

Personalize your hockey pucks.

-Your logo on your hockey pucks is possible at reasonable prices

-Custom imprinted hockey pucks are sold in cases of 100

Prices Start at $1.58 Each

First Quality Regulation Ice Hockey Pucks

-Sold in Cases of 50 and 100.

Prices Start at $1.20 Each

This Hockey Display Case Holds 12 Hockey Pucks

-Hinged Sides for Easy Access

-Measures 17 7/8" W x 4 1/4" D x 15 1/8" H

Our price: $159.99

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